Reimu's AppearancesReimu Hakurei/MusicReimu Hakurei Wiki
File:037.gifFile:47951061 p0 master1200.jpgFile:53927389 p0 master1200.jpg
File:555476236.jpgFile:824c9c8ce2e2be8a85b7935d5540cb10.jpgFile:CtC Final Stage Theme Blue Sea of 53 Minutes
File:CtC Reimu's 2nd Theme Dream Express ~ Red WhiteFile:CtC Reimu's Last Spell Theme G Free ~ Ultimate DreamFile:CtC Reimu's Theme G Free ~ Final Dream
File:Example.jpgFile:F74.jpgFile:Face pl00bs.png
File:Flandre Scarlet (19).jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:HM Reimu's Theme Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path
File:Hqdefault.jpgFile:IN Reimu's Theme Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream BattleFile:IaMP Reimu's Night Theme Maiden's Capriccio
File:IaMP Reimu's Theme Mystic Oriental Love ConsultationFile:Images0AQV4FX4.jpgFile:LLS Reimu's Stage 1 Theme Witching Dream
File:LLS Reimu's Theme Maiden's CapriccioFile:Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle (Final Fantasy IV Soundfont Remix)File:Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle (HG SS Soundfont)
File:PoDD Reimu's Theme Mystic Oriental Love ConsultationFile:PoFV - Reimu Hakurei's Theme - Spring Lane ~ Colorful PathFile:Reimu-Ryuugu.png
File:Reimu 1.jpgFile:Reimu 2.jpgFile:Reimu 3.jpg
File:Reimu 36.jpgFile:Reimu 4.jpgFile:Reimu 49.jpg
File:Reimu 5.jpgFile:Reimu 53.jpgFile:Reimu 54.jpg
File:Reimu 6.jpgFile:Reimu 61.jpgFile:Reimu 65.jpg
File:Reimu Hakurei's Theme - A Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle (Remix)File:SWR Reimu's Theme Mystic Oriental Love ConsultationFile:SoEW Stage 1 Theme Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind
File:Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path (HG SS Soundfont)File:Touhou -Reimu's Theme Maiden's Capriccio-Dream Battle ~RemixFile:UNL Reimu's "Fantasy Heaven" Theme Mystic Oriental Love Consultation (End of Century)
File:UNL Reimu's Theme Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ AncientsFile:Wiki-background

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